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Episode 17 - A Nun's GAP

Hey everyone!

We wanted to give everyone the chance to catch up on the back catalogue of the premier comedy roller coaster podcast on the internet; Your Favorite Coaster Sucks, so we've decided to post our back catalogue on YouTube!

Here is episode 17 of the premier comedy roller coaster theme park podcast; Your Favorite Coaster Sucks! Originally posted 1/10/2020, Ben and Zach are joined by the one and only Tommy Faircloth to discuss his new movie “A Nun’s Curse,” pre-Starbucks Robb Alvey and theme park review drama and antics, the forum without decorum (the GAP) and much more.

Actually, we're the worst roller coaster podcast on the internet!

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1 Comment

Belinda C
Belinda C
Sep 21, 2021

Great rreading your post

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